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A. Corporate & Commercial

The corporate and commercial service which we provide are including wide range of service in the form of consultation, representation, contracts drafting, legal due diligence, legal opinion, negotiating, company and joint venture establishment, merger, take-over (acquisition), dissolution of a company, sale-purchase of company assets, corporate restructuring, and public offering (go public).

The Firm also provides corporate secretarial services including contract and documents assessments such as deeds of incorporation, amendments of company’s articles of association, and many others.

Moreover, the Firm provides corporate management consultancy services concerning corporate strategy, operational excellences, quality management, management of innovation, new modern concept for corporation, and training.

B. Aviation and Airspace Corporation

To meet the international standard in the development of aviation and airspace system in Indonesia, each of the airlines company shall require to enhance and upgrade its performance and standard quality specifically in the crew management sector, safety requirements, service quality and other type of assistance which required to be provided for the customer purposes and in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulation in Indonesia.

The vast experience of our personnel in Aviation and Airspace Law is part of our most substantial expertise. We’re fully committed to provide a wide range of perspective in legal and commercial view as our service which included but not limited to: lease agreement drafting for aviation issue, transfer aviation agreement, flight registration, acquisition, merger of aviation company, and other matters.

C. Mining & Plantation

The Firm provides legal service in the form of consultation, contracts drafting, legal due diligence, legal opinion, negotiation assistance, and other services concerning mining and plantation industry.

Furthermore, we may also provide the Clients with an assistance or guidance to comply the requirements stipulated by the prevailing Mining law and regulations. This guidance will be provided with the most due care and well manage proportion.

D. Banking & Finance

The Firm provides legal service in the form of consultation, contract drafting, legal due diligence, legal opinion, representation, negotiation, and many others.

E. Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution & Litigation

The Firm has successfully resolved disputes for the Clients prior to Arbitration & litigation through zealous advocacy and skilled negotiation. The Firm also has represented the Clients before both of Arbitration, and Court proceedings, from the level of District Court, High Court, and the Supreme Court at various fields of law.

F. Employment and Immigration

The Firm provides legal service to handle manpower issue, such as drafting or reviewing employment contract/agreement, drawing up company regulations or collective labor agreement, advising on employment termination, represent client before the Industrial Court, work permit arrangement, visas arrangement, and other documents related to immigration affairs.

G. Debt Restructuring and Recovery/Collection

The Firm provides a legal service to resolve problems regarding debt collection, both directly and indirectly, from parties that are obliged to pay/ settle their obligations; and/or to collect payment domestically or internationally.

H. Research on Laws/Regulations Concerning Company

The Firm provides legal research and investigation services with respect to client’s inquiries based on the prevailing Indonesian Company Laws and regulations. Thus, The Firm will issue a Research Report or Legal Opinion that is tailored to the client’s needs.

I. Criminal litigation

The Firm provides legal services in the area of criminal litigation. We have vast experiences in representing companies before the District Court, both for a crime conducted internally in a company, and also for an external crime. We can also represent the clients to obtain a Police/Criminal Report from the respective authority due to a corporate crime or a business crime.


The Firm provides comprehensive legal services to Individual as follows:

Criminal LawCivil LitigationDebt Restructuring and RecoveryFamily LawPersonal Injury CasePrepaid legal services (consultation, contracts drafting, etc)


The Firm provides services to business that related to Maritime and Shipping industry, along with ports and shore activities concerned. The experienced members of the Firm will be involved in to resolve the problems concerning contract agreement, advises on common maritime practice, international and domestic law and arbitration, international engagement on counter parties support and background, international and national maritime standardization according to the flag state and classification society, environmental issue, and insurance arrangements along with its claims.

The arrangements of shipping licenses in accordance to the Cabotage rules in Indonesia, importation, and tax exemption application are also part of the main services provided.