Clients Reference

17 January 2017

PT. Winning Shipping Indonesia

Winning specializes in the transportation of dry cargo. Winning operates a growing fleet of over 50 vessels ranging from Handymax to Capesize. They are dominant dry […]
30 December 2016

PT. Trigentha Suwana Indonesia

PT. Trigentha Suwana Indonesia is a heavy equipment & industrial machinery provider company established in Jakarta Indonesia with high quality products and responsive services. They are […]
30 December 2016

PT. Depriwangga

PT. Depriwangga is an inspection and Certification company founded in Indonesia to provide Technical Inspection and Certification services meeting the highest level of excellence to the […]
10 November 2016

PT Menara Instrumen Indonesia (PT MII)

This company is operated in the electrical business and any major energy business provider. the service shall include oil and gal, plantation, gas, construction and others […]
16 October 2016

PT. Yowtech Generasi Indonesia

This company operated in startup digital sector. It has a unique business concept and able to transform the international system of the transportation and goods delivery. […]
20 September 2016

PT Jogja Raya Energy

This company is operated in filling and storage of LPG (Liquid Petrolium Gas), known as SPBE (bulk energy charging station). Therefore they are a partner of […]
10 September 2016

PT Tiara Ardi Pratama

This company is engaged in the housing development, and incorporated in REI (Real Estate Indonesia). The company has been established since1994, thus they are an expert […]
10 September 2016

PT Arun Solusi Energy Indonesia (ASEI)

This company is operated in the field of project and energy basis. Their extensive experience through out the world as the only exclusive importer of the […]
10 September 2016

PT. Dean Mobilindo Solusi (PTDMS)

This company is operated in the automobile industry with a digital projection of the famous and the only one in the world, project Currently the […]
15 August 2016

PT Lestari Banten Energi (LBE – GENTING GROUP)

this company is operated in the field of project and natural energy basis. Their extensive experience through out the world as the part of the GENTING […]
15 August 2016

PT Anugerah Inti Persada (AIP MARINE)

This company is operated in the shipping and marine industry in Indonesia. The main focus for this company is to provide their service specifically related with […]
15 August 2016

PT Petro Energy

PT Petro Energy incorporated as one of the biggest energy company in natural resources sector, specifically in fuel supply. The company has a long standing experience […]