Clients Reference

10 September 2018

PT Adhidaya Nusaprima Teknindo

PT Adhidaya Nusaprima Teknindo is an Indonesian company that was established in 2017 with specialists in the pipeline construction business and highway construction projects. Testimonial : […]
4 May 2018

PT. Kato Kuliner Indonesia

PT. Kato Kuliner Indonesia is a culinary company that provides the authentic Indonesian cuisine with many outlet in Jabodetabek.   Testimonial: AMO helped us provided beneficial […]
4 May 2018

PT. Satay Kuliner Nusantara

PT. Satay Kuliner Nusantara Is a culinary company that provides the unique taste of sate   Testimonial: AMO helped us to established our company with good […]
4 May 2018

PT. Petro Naga Jaya

PT. Petro Naga Jaya is industry producer of minerals in Indonesia, located in Samarinda, East Kalimantan.   Testimonial: AMO helped us to create general and special […]
4 May 2018

PT. Sumatra Motor Indonesia

PT. Sumatra Motor Indonesia is an Authorized Distributor/Dealership of Harley-Davidson North Sumatera and also an Authorized Distributor / Dealership Cleveland Cyclewerks Indonesia.   Testimonial: AMO gives […]
4 May 2018

Cleveland Cyclewerks

Cleveland Cyclewerks is a motorcycle manufacturer specializing in custom motorcycle with affordable, quality products, and currently sell their products worldwide, and have distribution in 23 countries. […]
4 May 2018

PT Bhatini Mitra Jaya

PT Bhatini Mitra Jaya is an Indonesia Native Company and established in 1998 and has many experience in petrochemicals, power plant, and industrial plants with satisfactory […]
4 May 2018

Fairmount General Trading & Contracting

Fairmount General Trading & Contracting is has been a specialist sub-contractor in the construction industry for more than 10 years in Kuwait. website:   Testimonial: […]
7 February 2018

PT Bumi Suksesindo Indonesia

PT Bumi Suksesindo Indonesia is a subsidiaries company of Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk, producer of gold and copper with exploration area at the Tujuh Bukit, Banyuwangi […]
7 February 2018

Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk

  Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk an industry leading producer of gold, silver, copper and other minerals in Indonesia with four operating subsidiaries, encompassing the exploration and […]
7 February 2018

Klinik Elizabeth

Klinik Elizabeth is a private children clinic located in Penjaringan, North Jakarta, owns numerous pedriatrion on the clinic.   Testimonial: AMO helped us to complete the […]
7 February 2018

DKI Jakarta Provincial Government

AMO is one of the official legal firm of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. AMO assistances DKI Jakarta Provincial Government on land and transactional dispute.   Testimonial: […]